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Entrepreneurship is Depressing

August 6, 2019

Today was a depressing day. It got worse when I was typing out and entry for a blog and then it got deleted because of bad internet connection. 

I wanted to tear my eyes out and cry, but then I realized that I was at work. I feel sad and overwhelmed and I am crying for help, but no one cares and I realized that I am swimming in the ocean alone looking for land.

For the past few weeks,  I have been going through a lot. One of my clients is not getting the results that he wanted using my software and it is bringing me a lot of anxiety because I feel like I had let him down in some way. I hate it and it is giving me anxiety thinking about it. 

I decided to go back to youtube and upload more. Even though, I it will take a lot of time to edit, I know that it the long run it will benefit me financially and emotionally. I feel like having someone to just talk to relieves my inner stress. 

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