Good Bye Corporate Life

June 8, 2020

Today is my last week in the corporate world. I feel relieved. I am tired of taking adderral everyday to feel motivated to go to work. I think that was when I realized that something is wrong with me.

I think quitting my job during COVID 19 is one of the hardest and longest decision I have made because I know that if I wanted to go back, I can't. No one is hiring right now. For a slight moment I was thinking about revoking my letter of resignation, but then my boss told me it was too late because they already hired someone else to fill my role. I think it is gods plan. I don't really believe in god, but I do believe that someone is looking out for me. 

I have been unhappy for too long and I need to change in order to fulfill one of my goals. I want to make at least 500k, by the time I turn 30. Staying in this job will not help me do that and I need to make a massive change within my life. 

I am 25 years old and this is my moment to do whatever I want. I have to do this for myself. Everyone in my family hates this decision and keeps pressuring me to find another job, but I know deep down in my heart that is not the right decision for me. 

I have to do what is right for me. I am tired of listening to people that keeps dragging me down. I love my mom, but she is so annoying. At this point in my life, what I need is unlimited amount of support and that is not what I am getting from her. 

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