Goodbye Colin

April 20, 2020

I think I am finally over Colin. I found myself thinking about him tonight and could feel myself sinking into a downward spiral of depression thinking about, "what could have been" and "what it was"

I kept asking myself, "why I keep thinking about him?"

I was searching for answers on YouTube and found it. 

It was because he was the person that hurt me the most. I kept rewinding all the moments we had because I couldn't understand why things played out this way. 

Today I realized that 'why' doesn't matter. 

Sometime things happen for no reason and I think this was a learning lesson from god. 

I think God wanted to teach me how to confront my emotions because if I don't there will be people like Colin who will take advantage of my weakness - confrontation.  

I needed to break in order to be revived to the person I needed to be.

I am grateful. 

Thank you. 

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