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How to get an interview with a big retailer within 1 month of launching a startup?

April 7,2019

A few days ago, I just got done pitching my idea to a big box retailer and god it was nerve wrecking... The scariest part to me was that I felt like they did not take me seriously because I launched the service very recently and told me to get back to them after the testing launch. 

I am thinking about launching the service early in order to get this startup up and running.

I am also in the process of talking to a few accelerator and incubator programs too, but I am not sure if I want to join those programs to be honest. I am iffy about giving away my equity because   I am not sure if they will add that much value to my company. 

I will need to brainstorm on that a little bit. 

I think the most unmotivated part about having a startup is dealing with the naysayers. Especially if the naysayers are from the investors that have money and experience. 

I had a moment this week when I doubted if i am going to succeed on this startup because an investor didn't believe in my mission. I am not going to lie, his comments did get to me but it also reminded me that I have to believe in myself. 

As long as I am progressing, there is still a chance. 

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