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I Feel Anxiety When I Am Around Too Many People

July 6, 2019

Holy crap. I just got home and it is 1 am right now.  It has just been a crazy hectic month. I went to 2 back to back weddings, flew to Washington, partnered up with a retired NFL player on a business that I created, and I I picked up my dog from my parent's place. 

I feel tired and relived. I am just glad that Nishma's wedding was the last thing that I have to do that is not work related. Every time I do something that I "have to" do in order to maintain my friendship with people, I get anxiety. 

Tomorrow will be a new day. I am so behind on work and I will be meeting up with the NFL player to finalize all legal documents so that we can partner up on a business together. I am super exited for this opportunity. 

Entrepreneurship is a lonely ride and it is fucking scary. I have always been an optimistic person by nature, but I literally feel like I can break any moment because I get so much anxiety thinking about my future. It is scary to think that all of this could be more nothing. 

I hate thinking this way and I have to fight these thoughts everyday. Ugh It is annoying, but there is no other way. I would rather feel this way and to set my own destiny than to let an organization determine my path.


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