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Should I Quit My 9-5 Job?

February 20,2019

Today was a tiring day. Not because I worked my ass off and that I am breathless.It was tiring because I couldn't find the strength to be productive. I dread waking up to work and I also noticed that I have been oversleeping a lot lately. I think I am just sick of my 9-5 job and I am to that point that I am losing motivation to do things. 

I talked to my bestfriend today about quitting my job and she is even sick of me talking about quitting my job. I realized that I became one of those people that I don't really like. Ughh it is annoying but it is true and I think I am trying to run away from reality by sleeping.

I told her that I will be quitting my job on Nov 30 when my website launches. Starting tomorrow, I will be waking up at 5 am to 12 am day. I need to start making money before I quit my job. 

Good night

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