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Verge of Breaking

October 21, 2019

I feel like I am about to explode. My old tenants was bitching about the move out statements that I gave him and threatened to sue me. 

I thought it was kind of funny. Two years ago around this time, I sued my old landlord for the same issue. Karma is a bitch. 

I ended up giving him the receipt to everything in the move out statement, so that I could end the situation and move on. I am tired of fighting with people. 

I am going to have a meeting with a CEO of a lead generation company today. We will have to see what happens. Not sure if he is a marketing company or a software company. 

I published my book on Book Wright yesterday. It felt good to publish it. At least now I can start giving people that are important a copy of this book as a way to introduce myself.

Josh, my bestfriend from college, was supposed to come to Dallas to visit me, but ended up coming because his car broke down. It was kind of disappointing, yet relieving to find out that he wasn't going to come. He quit his corporate job because he hated it and moved out to Downtown Austin to be around entrepreneurs. We were planning on meeting up to partner together on my software business. I wanted to partner with him, but I had my reservations because I don't agree with his work ethic or morals. I think this is a sign from god. 

I wanted to partner with him because I am tired of running this business alone. It is scary and gives me a shit ton of anxiety. 

Last week I found out that my VaaVroom app got denied from apple and could not get uploaded to the app store. Cherry on top, they told me that my account will be closed in 14 days because it violated their policy. 


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