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5 Lessons You Learn When You Hire a Cheap Contractor

January 12, 2018

Holy crap. Everything seems to go wrong for the past 24 hours.

  1. My heater broke even though a HVAC contractor was out here to fix it last week.
  2. I got into an argument with my mom because of my will
  3. I decided to try to press charges with my old landlord
  4. I feel fat because I ate a lot today
  5. I feel poor


This month has just been a horrible month for me financially and emotionally. I just feel irritated because I paid $400 to get the heater fixed and within 10 days the issue resumes and the worse part is that I didn’t ask the company to write me a warranty statement.

Lesson I learned from this is

  1. Never try to go cheap when you are looking for contractors.
  2. Always ask for a written estimate of the cost
  3. If a company has less than 10 reviews and it is not recent don’t trust it.

UGH. I am just so mad at myself.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow when I meet up with my hair stylist so that she can fix my hair cut. At least that is one thing I can control- my hair.

I don’t want to think about this anymore, so I am going to try to focus on another topic.

Today I had a chance to talk UT attorney. I was shocked that he even responded back. Shockingly, I was impressed. When he reviewed my lease, he gave me great constructive criticism about my lease.

Long story short, I allowed one of my tenants, The Stripper, to move into one of the rooms without a deposit because she had nowhere else to go because she broke up with her boyfriend. In the lease, I put that she paid the deposit even though she didn’t because she told me that she will pay me by the end of the month (If you are reading this, don’t be gullible and take people words seriously. Get documentation in case you need to sue them). The 4th month of her living here, she still has not paid the deposit. My attorney advised me to give her 2 options

  1. Terminate the current lease and create a new one so that her mom can co-sign it
  2. Ask her to make monthly payments to the deposit

She agreed to make monthly payments towards the deposit, so I would need to make a lease termination agreement and create a new lease. Thinking about this give me anxiety. I am never letting anyone who doesn’t have a stable job move into my property ever again.

I feel like my brain is about to explode and I haven’t even started putting together a new lease yet. I think I am just going to look over the lease my sister has for her apartment that she is living in and revise it to make it mine.

This seems a little cruel, but I also asked my attorney if I could legally change the locks if everything goes wrong and she won’t pay up because I put it on the lease agreement and she agreed to it. Sadly, she could fight the lease with constrictive contract law and it would put me in a sticky situation.

I think I need to hug my dog tonight.

Good night world.

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