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How do you deal with people that laugh at your start up ideas?

December 29, 2017

Right now I am watching the music video of the song: “Paris” by the Chainsmokers. I love that song. Every time I listen to it, my heart feels so full because I get so happy.

I talked to my sister yesterday. For this book I want to put cute drawings in the book for every 1-2 entries. I am not sure how many drawings I want, but I do want to put a childish, playful spin to this book by adding drawings to this. It would be a good representation of my personality. I told my sister that I will tell my lawyer to draft up a contract for this work, so that I can tax deduct the income. In addition, I will also need to verify with my accountant what I need to do in order to tax exempt these expenses.

I told my parents today about writing a book and they thought that it was a stupid idea too. I don’t really get really offended when they make fun of me for some reason. I think it is because they so it so much that it becomes a joke? We will just laugh about our imperfections. I think this is one of the good qualities I like about my parents. We laugh about our mistakes and each other ideas even though what we say to each other is true? My parents are weird. We are not the type of family that sugar coat the truth to protect people. Instead we point it out and laugh at you for it, but in a jokingly way.

They did bring up a good suggestion though. They suggested me to take a class on how to file my own tax income. I will definitely look into that and try to look for summer or fall classes that are offered at a community college.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I haven’t gone into work. I just worked from home. It’s crazy because a lot of people would stand in line in order to have a job that you are able to work from home in. I feel lonely when I work from home for more than 2 days. I really miss going into work because I miss my co workers. Not only that, I love getting free snacks!

I don’t really eat the free snacks that are given to me that much nowadays. I usually give it to Colin or my sister or my parents. I love making the people I love happy. Plus, the more snacks I eat, the fatter I get. I am trying to keep my weight down.

Goals for 2018 that I need to achieve

  • Publish my book
  • Learn how to file my own taxes
  • Pay down my mortgage my 20%
  • Drop down to 120-130 lbs and maintaining it

Goals for 2018 that I will try to achieve

  • Not to get into a car accident
  • Save enough money to refinance my mortgage and have enough money to put down 20% when I refinance it
  • Start on my second book
  • Look for deals that are not in the market for real estate

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