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How To Make a Business Card

January 23, 2018

I finally finished making my business card. I started making my business cards yesterday and it looked somewhat like this..



The first thing I did was that I showed my coworkers my business card. They congratulated me on my tenacity to succeed. Then I reached out to one of the investors I met at the meetup events to ask her for any suggestions of any meetup groups where I can meet real estate investors and for her thoughts on my business card.

She first suggested for me to make my business card a more simple (phone number, email, name, and title).

I reached out to my coworkers to ask for critique and he told me

  1. A business card should never have a dark background. If you were to give them your business card, you would want to make sure they are able to see what notes they put on your business card.
  2. There is not enough space on your business cards to make mental notes because there are too many words.
  3. You are giving out too much information about yourself. A business card is like the first date- you want to keep the mystery alive.

I completely agree all of my coworkers suggestions suggestions and I talked to Nemo about it a little more. She told me that the suggestions he made were valid, but typical. She told me that if you want to attract a typical crowd, create a typical business card.

I thought about what she said and I agree with her. 

What I liked about my business card is that it lists my objective and accomplishments; however, my coworker is right- it doesn’t have any mystery and is not enough blank spaces in the card for people to write notes on them.

I revised it and it looks like this..



I am going to ask my coworkers what they think about these revisions. I like this one better because it is simple, unique and it keeps the mystery alive.

Moral of the story:

  1. Always ask for critiques from multiple people to get different opinions
  2. If you want attract unique people, create unique products. If you want to attract typical people, create typical products.
  3. Creating something new isn’t hard. Make a product (independent variable) and compare it to a typical product (Control variable). Analyze all the pros and con of each product. Research. Lastly, create a product that meshes both concepts together

I analyze every problem I have using the scientific method. I have a problem, hypothesis, variables, experiment, result, and conclusion. This keeps my thoughts organized and efficient.

*inserts cliche quotes*

Life is not hard. You make it hard.


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