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How to not be obsessive with someone you like? Delete every social media you have

December 31, 2017

I think I am done.

It is 10 a.m right now. I woke up and looked at my snapchat stories. One of Colin’s friends posted a snapchat of Colin dancing on another girl. He probably fucked her. I feel so mad and sad. Writing this somehow makes me feel better.

Honestly, I just want to delete everything out of my life right now.

The first step is deleting my Facebook


The next step is to be a fucking badass…

In progress...

Sigh. I am a lot calmer now. I just took Baby Jim  outside to use the restroom. Looking at my dogs makes me feel better. When I look into his eyes, I realize that someone actually cares and the love is genuine.

Anyways, I think it is time for me to not talk to Colin for a while. It is probably best for my mental health because he drives me insane.

I should have already accepted this by now, but somehow I just can’t come to terms with it.

Dear me,

You are a dumbass. You are stressing over a guy who doesn’t even care about you. He is going to go on his world tour trip in 4 months and he is going to fuck a shit ton of girls and here you are crying over him. You are dumbass. To be honest, he is not even smart enough for you. You have found better and you will move on. If Rose could let go of Jack from the Titanic, I can do it too!

You will be okay.  Sometimes it is just not meant to be. In order to be free, let him go..



I am going to read this letter to myself over and over so that I won’t forget that Colin is a loser and that I can do better.


This is why I am never going to be in a relationship  with a guy that I like too much.

I don’t think I ever dated a guy that I like besides by ex fiance, but I broke it off with him too.  I liked him, but I didn’t even cry when I broke it off with him.

Yet, I am crying over someone that isn’t even mine…

Wow, I am fucking stupid and I need to get a life.

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