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How To Scare a Millionaire Away

January 17, 2018

How crazy is this- I just met  a guy who owns an apartment building at BJ brewhouse! It is crazy because I always meet millionaires when I go there. Is that normal?

At first I was going to go to a Meetup event that discusses IRA and landlord investing. When I arrived, to the event no one was there, so I decided to go to BJ brew house for a drink. That was where I met the guy who owns an apartment building.

The conversation went somewhat like this
Him: Hi! What beer are you drinking?
Me: I’m drinking a Samuel Adams. Did you just come back from work?
Him: Yeah I flew in San Diego to look at some property building with Fort Worth

Afterwards, I literally pull out my phone and asked him 10 - 15 tax questions related to real estate and then he told he that he had to go...

I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed or not for harassing him with so many questions.

I mean at least now I know that when if you were to put a property into a trust you can prolong paying the taxes on the property...

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