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Land Lord Life Crisis: What do you do when the heater is not working and your're poor?

January 1, 2018

Oh my f*** god, I just poured my a glass of wine for myself. It is just one of those days. I woke up to a text message to one of my tenants that his heater is not working. I started to panic because I have zero knowledge on how to fix it and I had a feeling that it was going to be expensive..

My dad console me and told me that it is normal to have this problem in a 2 story home. The upstairs will always be colder/ hotter than usual. I told my tenant that and he snapped back at me.

I got sad because it kind of hurt my feelings that he was mean to me. When men snaps at you, you know it’s serious. God damn it.

I drove back to Dallas to look at the situation and he was right, the 2nd floor vents is only blowing out cold air even though the heater is on.

I went over my neighbors house to see if he experienced the same problem when he first bought his home. Apparently, he had to replace to entire AC unit which can cost up to 6k.  He told me he got his done for 2.5k because his friend did it.

Now I am stressing out…

I am poor. I just got back from a trip from Chicago, Christmas just ended and I am about to donate 1k to a science fair project in February.

I called Nemo and we ended up stressing each other out even more.

This is what is like to be a landlord at 22. You’re broke and clueless and you have to pay expensive maintenance in order to keep your tenants happy.  


But on the real note, don’t do this if you are not prepared to deal with people..

I am became a landlord because I have a big ego. I told my mom I was going to own a house at 22, so I have to keep my word.

Most people call me self absorb, and some call me dumb.

To be honest, I think I am both but I think there is beauty in imperfections. Cliche you say?

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