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Life Philosophy: Only Date People Who You Don't Like

January 11, 2018

Today was an okay day. In the morning I felt kind of down, but I felt better after I drank two energy drinks. I was suppose to go to a networking event But I ended up getting lost and decided to go home.

I just went home and drank wine by myself. Baby Jim was really happy to see me. That always find ways to make me happy.

I talked to my attorney today and he looked over my lease. I am reaching out to a few attorneys right now to get different in on my lease. So far he is the most detailed oriented one.

He is going to help me create a will and apply for the power of attorney. Sadly, he is not going to look over the lease again because my legal plans do not cover business expenses. Apparently he charges $250 per hour. He is f** crazy, but at least I know that he is a good attorney if he is charging that much per client.

He’s annoying, but I like his style.

After talking to him, I think I need someone like my attorney instead of Colin. At least the attorney can add a lot of value to my life. He can protect me legally and financially. I think that is all I need.

To be honest, I have never dated anyone I even like besides my ex fiancé. It scares me because liking people makes me feel weak, which is the reason why I only date men who I am not that emotionally invested but can add value to my life.

Call it whatever you want. I am just tired of investing in people who don’t want to invest me in.

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