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My Sister Pissed Me Off. What Should I Do When I feel Like I am Not Enough?

December 17, 2017

For the first time in a long time, I went shopping because I was really bored. While walking in the mall I was thinking about my life and I feel like I didn’t accomplish much in life. Even though on paper I accomplish more than most 22 year old's, I feel like I am not enough. The worst part is that the more I accomplish, the lonelier I feel… The lonelier I feel, the more I accomplish?  How ironic right?

Today I finalized my decision on writing a book. I am not writing a book in attempt to get famous or known. I am writing just for tax exemption reasons and to share my story to people who even cares to read it.

I decided to back track today and wrote down some entries in June and July when I decided to buy my house, so that I can share my experiences with you.

Reflecting back- if there was anything I would have changed, I don’t think I would buy the house I am living in now. I bought it a little overpriced because the house was above the appraisal value. You live and you learn right? It wasn’t the best decision, but I don’t regret it at all. At least now I know what to do with my next property investment. Plus, I learned so much through this process and it is better than just be stagnant in life.

I facetimed my sister and told her that I was going to write a book. Of course, she told me that it was a stupid idea because there is no way no one would buy it. I told her the main reason I was writing a book was so that can claim it as a business and for tax exemption purposes. It is better to write a book and claim it as a business so that tax exempt it, rather than paying more taxes to the government? I mean it makes sense to me. The government takes your money before you are even able to see it drop into your bank account. Not only that, the government takes and holds your money with no interest!  The thought of that makes me mad! I didn’t even think about that until I watched a youtube video by Grant Cardone.

Anyways, it kind of hurt my feelings that my sister doesn’t believe in me and called me self absorb for writing this book. She pisses me off sometimes, but I am just going to use this as motivation to finish this book. I will be an author before the age of 24!

To all the people who read this book until this point -  thank you for supporting me.

To all the people who can relate to me - all I want to say is that, you can achieve your dream no matter how big they are and don’t let anyone mediocre tell you that you can’t! Always remind yourself of your potential because you are the only person who believes in it. If you get hate on your accomplishments or goals, you’re doing something right.


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