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Part 1: How to get a player to commit

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I’m currently in a bar drinking a Samuel Adams Wild Child when it is snowing outside in Chicago. This drink is the epitome of my persona.

Three days ago, I went over to Colin’s place and we did molly and drank a lot of liquor and beer together. It was so fun that I ended up missing my flight to Chicago and he ended up not going work either. I can’t say that he brings out the best in me, but he definitely knows how to make me happy.  I remember him asking, “I wonder if you are going to write about this day in your book?”

I guess I am and hopefully he doesn’t ever read it. I don’t think I can take the embarrassment. I am debating if I should even use my real name. Hmm.. I guess it depends on if I am still friends with anyone that I am writing this book about.

But oh my god! I almost forgot to mention, Colin told me to miss me a few days ago!! I can’t really pinpoint our relationship with each other. I would rather not think about it because it makes me sad. We have known each other for almost a half of a decade and he told me missed me a few days ago. Apparently, he doesn’t uses the “m” word. Haha, I guess I changed his mind…

Two days ago, I got to Chicago and finally had a chance to try Chicago’s Pizza!  The best way to describe it cheese overload. The first slice was really good, but it gets old after the second. I feel like I could potentially get a heart attack if I eat too many slices.

Nemo and I went out going to the Sky Decker. Holy hell, we had to wait almost 3 hours to even reach the Sky Decker’s latch! The view was nice; however, it was definitely not worth waiting 3 hours for and paying 25 dollars for. At least, I got a good Facebook profile picture.  

Later on that night, we ended up going bar hopping. It was okay. I wasn’t really in the mood to go bar hopping anymore. Nemo told me that I have “Old women’s vibes”.  I can’t pinpoint the reason why I wasn’t in the mood. Maybe the party scene isn’t for me anymore? I just feel kind of lonely going bar hopping for some reason. The more I party, the lonelier I feel? I feel like it is just an escape for me to ignore my problems.  She usually talks about Rejected Guy, the guy she is somewhat dating, and I usually listen and give my opinion on what I think about him. I think he is a weirdo that is still stuck up on his ex.

Nemo’s is on a mission to find her fiancé and I am on a mission to _____. I don't’ even know what I am doing with my life most of the time. All I know is that, I don’t want to be on a mission to find a fiancé. I feel like most girls are in such a rush to get married because they are so scared of being alone. I am scared of being alone sometimes too, but when I think of my future I don’t think about my fears. I think of my potential.  I could be the first woman president one day or own my own apartment complex one day! We will just have to wait and see right?

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