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What to do When You Meet a Shitty "CEO"

January 16, 2018

It has been one of the most crazy 4 days of my life. Seriously..

One of my tenants complained that the heater is not working and is blowing out cold air. I got so mad because I paid almost $400 to get it fixed and it stopped working within 10 days! I  was infuriated that I cried and I am not the type of person that cries easily. The worst part was that the CEO was the contractor who went out to fix the heating unit.

How can you be a CEO and make these types of mistakes. I felt like I can’t even trust contractors anymore.

Anyways, I called him on a Friday night at 8pm because the heating unit stopped working. He picked up the phone and threatened to hang up on me? I think he was drunk to be honest and told me that he will be on site tomorrow.

The CEO never showed up…

I was in disbelief, so I ended up calling another company out in order to look at the issue. They told me the equipments that should have been replaced. I gave him the statement the CEO gave me and the the tech told me that the CEO did not make any equipment replacement.

I was ballistic at this point. I called the CEO and made him talk to the hvac technician on site. The HVAC guy put the phone on speaker and CEO confirmed that he had never replaced the equipment.

I sent the CEO the estimates and my receipts. I told him I didn’t want him to go out and fix it and demanded a full refund. He replied, “ We don’t typically do  refund policies…”

I hate you and you are a horrible CEO.

I talked to my attorney and he suggested that I give the CEO another chance because if he doesn’t fix the issue the second time, we can sue and demand more money.

I listened to him and he stopped by and fixed the issue today. I will have another company come out to verify that these issues were corrected correctly..

Sigh. I hate micromanaging people, but I can’t help it when they tried to screw me over.

Also filed a case with my attorney to demand my rent deposit back from my old landlord. She took my pet deposit and my rental deposit. At the same time, I understood where she was coming from, my dog did break her window blinds, but those damages should have been covered under the pet deposit- in my opinion.

Anyways, the way she handled the situation was not professional. I understand her side, but at the same time it does not cost me anything to sue so I might as well.

Last week  was one of the most stressful week of my life. I drank myself  and took some molly to relieve some stress. I was so messed up that I ended up reaching out to Colin. I think he really cares about me a lot. My intuition tells me that he loves me, but I don’t want to have high hopes. It scares me sometimes because I can also see a future with him.

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