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When People You Look Up To Are Inspired By You

January 20, 2018

I am pretty drunk right now, but I feel like writing because I am relieves my stress somehow.

I went to a multi family investing Meetup event today and met a few investors. They gave their speech on how they got started. At first, I was so inspired of them because I want to be like them one day. I went up to talk to them and told them about myself.

'Hi my name is ---,

I bought my first bought my first at 22 and I am currently looking into multifamily.'

Shockingly, when I told them my age, they told me that I inspired them?

Not trying to be all cocky, but holy crap people that inspires me are inspired by me?

That is crazy..

Anyways, I got talking with them and they told me about this invent on where all the investors will be going to. They told me talk to people in the “red” lanyard..

I am just going to assume the red lanyard indicate that they are either a lead or a big investor in multifamily?

I decided to buy a ticket for $150 and go to the event in March..

I talked to one of the sponsors/investors at the MeetUp event and asked her if it would be better for me to invest in duplex and slowly go up to multifamily or to just shoot for multifamily. She suggested that I just shoot for multifamily.

One of the main reasons, was because the down payment in multifamily is more worth it than single family

She told me that she first started invested in single family homes and she realized that she was putting a big down payment for every home. Not only that, she had to keep up with the tenants and the maintenance of the property. Even though you might get a little more profit in single family, the stress and effort  is not worth it.

In multifamily, you can invest as little as 15k and be a passive investor in a property. You don’t have to handle management and your portfolio looks a lot better.  Banks are more willing to lend you more money because you invested in multifamily compare to single family homes.

I mean, would you trust someone who bought 2 houses or would you trust someone who bought an apartment building with your money?

I mean you don’t have to buy an apartment building to be able to tell people you bought an apartment building. You just have to be an investor in that apartment building.

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