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How to handle feeling fat and ugly after a shitty hair cut

January 6, 2018

I want to scream right now. I looked the in the mirror this morning and I realized that I intensely hate the hair cut my mom gave me. I want to cry and scream at her, but for some reason I can’t do either.

Maybe I am maturing?

Ugh. I just feel ugly and sad.

Or maybe I am just fat, which is the reason why I look ugly in this haircut.

Sigh. I am definitely going to get drunk on wine tonight. By myself.

I just want to cry.

This is why I hate getting old. I can’t have a screaming competition with my mom every time she cuts my hair too short. I get insecure because I feel ugly. Now I have to pretend to be mature and to not cry about it because I'll just get wrinkles for stressing about it.

Maturing sucks.

To makes matter worse, one of my tenants paid rent late and the other only paid half on time. On the bright side of things, at least now I have enough guts to ask her to pay the late fee. Before I will just waive it because I felt bad. She is a stripper and I didn’t want her to use her body to have shelter over her head, but at the same time I can not be fronting money for her all the time.

It is hard being a good landlord when you have a heart - somewhat.

I felt bad for charging her a late fee, but at the same time I think I need to. For the past 3 months she  has been living here, she paid late for all months. I think she is taking advantage of my kindness and I need to be a good landlord and teach to her to prioritize her money.

A big lesson learned. Don’t mix friends with business, unless you can be 100% honest with them.

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