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Rainbow BOT
Rainbow BOT

Rainbow BOT

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It is a marketing tool that will increase business sales.

Please book FREE robot demonstration first before ordering!


  • Target and Engage with customers by commenting on customers' Instagram posts
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Maintain and find customers

Buy this if you want to increase your sales. This is a marketing robot that queries hashtags and engage with customers by posting comments on your target customers' photos. 

For example, if a realtor is using this robot to look for leads, he will query the hashtag, "looking for a new house" and the robot will look for all the recent posts that have the hashtag and automatically generate a comment for all posts.

How Does it Work?

Identify which hashtags you want to query

Identify what you would want the bot to comment for that query

Login to your IG account using our bot

How Many Accounts Can Each Hashtag Reach?

Each hashtag can reach from 30-88 profiles!



    • 150 hashtags per month
    • 150 Automated Comments
    • Low Query Priority


    • 750 hashtags per month
    • 750 Automated Comments
    • Hashtag Research
    • Comment Management
    • Low Query Priority


    • 3000 Hashtags Per Month
    • 3000 Automated Comment Response
    • High Query Priority
    • Comment Management with Direct Customers (short responses 1-8 words per response)
    • Marketing assistance for hashtag queries

    Platinum (Customize Robot)

    • Unlimited Hashtag Queries
    • Unlimited Automated Comment Response
    • Bot will be created dedicated to your company usage
    • Comment Management with Direct Customers (Responses ranging from 1-100 words per response)
    • Ability to change hashtag queries anytime.
    • 24/7 virtual support marketing assistance
    • Retainment fee of $1,500 after the 3rd month (First 2 month is FREE)


    No Returns for these items. All items are month to month services.



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