Don't Kiss me
Don't Kiss me
Don't Kiss me
Don't Kiss me

Don't Kiss me

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Who is this for?

  • Ramen Girl's lover and supporter
  • People in the noodle family
  • People who live in cold areas
  • People who like to wear beanies with their wardrobe
  • People who like to look just wearing beanies

Why buy this?

Buy this if you are the OG Ramen Girl supporter and if you want to support my next life journey! I love yall to death and you guys motivate me to do the best I can everyday. I am creating my own merchandise to fund raise for my start up! 

What is this?

  • Ramen Girl 3D Puff (logo) Beanie
  • Colors: White, Silver, Black, Dark Green
  • Sizes: 12 in in length
  • Material:100% Turbo Acrylic, Hypoallergenic
  • A snug, form-fitting beanie. It's not only a great head-warming piece but a staple accessory in anyone's wardrobe