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Rainbow BOT Re-Targeting Extension

Rainbow BOT Re-Targeting Extension

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It is a marketing tool that will increase business sales.

Please book FREE robot demonstration first before ordering!


  • Re-Target and Re-Engage with customers that are currently following you on Instagram!
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Maintain and Retain Customer Relationship

Buy this if you want to reengage with your warm audience to generate more sales and increase your relationship with them. This is a marketing robot that will send out a message to all the people who follow you

How Does it Work?

Identify which shout out message you will want all your followers to know

Login to your IG account using our bot



    Silver (Below 1000 Followers)

    • 5 shout outs per month

    Gold (1000-5000 Followers)

    • 5 Shout out per month
    • Message management

    Platinum  (6000-10,000 Followers)

    • 5 Shout out per month
    • Message management

    Ultra (10,000+)

    • 5 Shout out per month
    • Message management


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